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        Carl-Ivar Br?ndén building (CIBB)
        71, Avenue des Martyrs
        CS 90181
        F-38042 Grenoble

        Neutron Diffraction

        Purpose of the platform (operated by ILL)

        Neutron Macromolecular Crystallography platform

        - The quasi-Laue neutron diffractometer ‘LADI-III’ is used for single crystal studies of biological macromolecules in order to locate the positions of hydrogen and deuterium atoms.

        - Knowing exactly where protons are, and how they are transferred between macromolecules, solvent molecules and substrates is crucially important for understanding many biological processes, such as enzyme mechanisms.

        In practice

        Access mode: Via ILL peer review procedure.
        Cost for PSB users: None, when accepted by ILL peer review procedure
        How to make a request: Complete web application at: