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        Carl-Ivar Br?ndén building (CIBB)
        71, Avenue des Martyrs
        CS 90181
        F-38042 Grenoble

        Isotope Labelling

        Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS)

        The isotope labelling platform of the IBS is devoted to the large scale production of proteins uniformly or specifically enriched in stable isotopes (15N, 13C and 2H) for biomolecular NMR spectroscopy studies. The platform is offering access to innovative labelling schemes, developed locally on the platform by the IBS NMR group. The platform benefits from extensive scientific contacts with the IBS high field NMR Spectroscopy and Cell-Free platforms. The isotopic labelling Platform is setting up a quality process aimed at an ISO 9001 labelling.

        Activities proposed by the platform:

        Users have access to the facility for large scale expression of labelled proteins in E.coli, under the supervision of a qualified platform engineer. Dedicated bench, optimised protocols and adequate isotopically labelled materials are available to users for the following services:

        ? Feasibility studies and adaptation of protein over-expression in perdeuterated media.

        ? Large scale over-expression of [15N,13C,2H]-proteins, and [13C1H3]-methyl specifically labelled proteins in highly (>98%) perdeuterated protein background.

        ? Training in large scale production of isotopically labelled proteins (practical experience in protein biochemistry is required).

        ? Development of innovative labelling scheme (collaboration only)


        Head of the Platform : Jér?me Boisbouvier

        Staff in charge of the platform

        - Protein Labelling: Isabel Ayala

        In practice

        Localisation and equipment
        In the CIBB 2nd floor (Office 209 and lab room 211), we have 50 m2 of wet lab dedicated to the over-expression of proteins in E.coli.

        Access mode
        All required adaptations, scale-up and productions of labelled materials are performed on the platform by the user under supervision of a qualified engineer. Until summer 2013, due to lack of space, the platform can only satisfy a limited number of projects/year. In summer 2013, the platform will be moving in IBS2 new building and one full bench will be devoted to host external platform users. Priority will be given to the project requiring advanced isotopic labelling schemes developed locally (see publication section for more information).

        How to make a request ?
        A request form should be sent to the platform by email (Isabel Ayala). Following receipt of the form, we will study the feasibility of your request within 1month. If the request is accepted, we will contact you in order to propose a date for the access to the platform. Alternatively if a request cannot be satisfied, external users can have access to our protocols in order to express the protein in their lab.

        Click here to download the request form, and explain briefly your project, the staff in charge of the platform will contact you.

        Cost and duration

        Academics : The cost of isotopic materials and consumables used for the production of proteins will be refunded by the users to the IBS platform.

        Approved Instruct Users : Access costs (Consumables, travel and accommodation) can be covered by Instruct (for more information click here).

        Private companies : quotation under request.

        Duration : Days (protocol transfer) to few weeks (large scale production of labelled proteins).

        Additional information
        ? Before accessing the platform, users will undertake a short safety training course given by the building safety engineer. Each user will also be given an introduction to the theory and practice of isotopic-labelling. The engineer in charge of the platform will follow the progress of the platform user during their stay, offer advice and verify the final result.


        ? Only security level 1 samples are accepted.

        ? The plasmid used for the expression of the protein must be kanamycin-resistant.

        ? The level of expression in rich-media of the target protein has to be above 10mg/L.

        Contact Isabel Ayala for more information.