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        Carl-Ivar Br?ndén building (CIBB)
        71, Avenue des Martyrs
        CS 90181
        F-38042 Grenoble

        Cell Free expression

        Purpose of the platform (operated by IBS)

        The Cell Free expression platform of IBS is devoted to large scale production (milligrams quantities) of soluble proteins, membrane proteins and RNAs for structural studies (X-ray, NMR...).

        We propose the following services:

        - Small scale protein expression screening for optimisation of protein constructs. Optimisation of reaction conditions for large scale expression.
        - Small scale RNA expression screening. Optimisation of reaction conditions for large scale expression.
        - Training courses in RNAse Free wet-lab are proposed to new Cell Free platform users.

        Website of the platform



        Jér?me Boisbouvier

        Staff in charge of the platform

        Platform engineer ? Lionel Imbert ?

        In Practice

        - The platform is located in the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS), Room 221.

        - Cost:
        Academics: Participation to the RNAse Free wet-lab consumables.
        Industrials: Please contact us for cost information.